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Our Concern

The Alberta Government, controlled by Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP, have legislated a new "Carbon Levy" on fuels sold within the province of Alberta.  Our concern is with "how" the NDP have implemented this legislation, without consulting the people of Alberta, during or since the last election, about their plans to bring in a Carbon Levy.

Our Plan

Residents of Alberta have a right to be informed and consulted by the government of Alberta  about major decisions that affect our families, our businesses, and our futures.  We believe that the Rachel Notley government does not have a mandate from the people of Alberta to institute the taxes legislated in the Climate Change Leadership Plan.  We believe that current legislation requires a "referendum" or vote, for the government to institute a new tax.  This is what we are asking for - that the government conduct a vote for the residents of Alberta, to show their support or opposition to the Carbon Levy.