Carbon Tax Referendum Group

WITH THE HUGE SUCCESS OF Alberta Wide Rally behind us, we are shifting our attention to the Petition Drive.  People came out by the THOUSANDS all across Alberta, to oppose the Notley governments insane TAX.

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The Carbon Tax Referendum Group needs your help!! Help us organize Petition Committees in every hamlet, village, town and city, in Alberta.

Stand up for Alberta

Who Are We?

Carbon Tax Referendum Group is a non partisan, grassroots, community organization, that invites Albertans, from across our diverse community, and forms of media, to participate in voicing our concerns about the direction of the government, in a public forum.  We are for the people, and by the people of Alberta, free from political party. and media party interference.

The Alberta provincial government has no mandate to bring forth a tax that has such serious societal consequences for Alberta, especially when there are technological advancements in Carbon Capture and Storage and other technologies available to us.

Our goal is to secure 500,000 signatures of support in a petition, asking the Alberta Provincial Legislative Assembly to urge the provincial government to hold a plebiscite/referendum/vote, in support or opposition to the Alberta Provincial Governments Bill 20, the "Climate Leadership Plan".

Alberta Wide Rally